Meditation helps to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, improves memory function, increases self awareness and increases the ability to access inner wisdom, just to name some of the benefits of meditation.  Many of us are busy people mostly doing and rarely being able to relax and just be.  The flipside of this can be stress, and sometimes anxiety.  The simple meditation exercises illustrated here will help you experience and explore the benefits of meditation.
The two techniques on this Cd are easy to follow and good for times when we find it hard to guide ourselves through a meditation.  They are little helpers along the way of discovery for the beginning meditator and revision for the well-established meditator.  They will bring you back to the basics of being with awareness of breath, body and mind, becoming and being the observer; helping you to be in the moment, accepting what is, becoming more relaxed, being more aware and awake.

Meditation CD- "Meditations for a busy mind"