The Metal element – Inspiration & Letting go
A Japanese Yoga (Ki-Yoga) session aligned to the element of autumn time – being inspired and having the ability to let go. which is also useful throughout the year.  When the days become shorter and cooler, the air dryer, nature begins a process of consolidation and contraction, to prepare for winter. In our everyday life autumn energy is connected to our vitality & hope as well as our judgment: to know what we need to keep & let go of things that don’t serve us anymore.                             In this yoga class we bring our attention to our breath and focus on staying connected with it throughout the class.  We also address the strength of our arms, we open into our upper chest and work into the hips to aid the process of elimination & choice and use our breath to explore the difference between fullness and emptiness.  We create space with letting go so we can let new things in, reconnecting with our true breath.

Japanese Style Yoga DVD