The Fire element – Communication & Strength
A Japanese Yoga (Ki-Yoga) session aligned to the element of summertime – a time of creativity, joy, communication as well as strength and power, which is also useful throughout the year. If the fire element is well balanced we have the ability to see the connection between things and see our place in the world. We experience a nice sense of well-being and contentment without being noisy about it. We are able to feel love and compassion for others as well as for ourselves. 
In this yoga class we focus mostly on building up our strength; so lots of deep tummy work & all the large muscle groups. We work into our chest, to open up & bringing attention to the area between the shoulder blades. The tongue is closely connected to the heart energy; so at times we might integrate sound. Joy is one of the attributes of the fire element so laughter may arise, which is one of the best things for the heart.

Japanese Style Yoga DVD