Special Announcements

online live yoga classes  start Friday 3rd April -       if you are interested please email me or send me an sms .

The clinic is closed until further notice due to the times we are in at the moment.

Be safe, stay healthy, be kind to your fellow living beings.


I came across this article on a brain building meditation:


5 minute mindfulness meditation practice

sit on the floor/chair -make sure your back is straight and your arms are relaxed- or lay on the floor – bring your attention to your breath for one minute (don’t worry if it is a bit longer) – feel your belly rise and fall – then widen your attention to include all your bodily sensations and any thought and feelings – try to be a neutral observer of your thoughts – not hanging on to them not thinking them not pushing them away – just be in the moment and observe – if you drift of in thought- as soon as you catch yourself come back to observing