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  Be safe, be healthy, be kind to you're fellow beings, stay in touch,

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Ki Yoga & Autumn

In autumn the days become shorter and cooler, the air dryer & nature begins a process of consolidation &

contraction, of going within to prepare for wintertime. Looking at our own lives it is a time to use our

judgment & sort out things we do not need any more or that do not serve us any longer & let go of them -

on all aspects of our lives like food, digestion, relationships, concepts or ideas, possessions & activities.

We might experience a sense of loss & grieving for the old, as it is connected with the process of elimination

as well as hope for the new & vitality with the reminder as we know that it will see us through to the next cycle.

The energy lines connected to autumn & the metal element are our lungs & large intestine; lung standing

for our vitality, hope & optimism & the large intestine being aligned to our expression, choice & judgment.

In the Ki yoga we will work into those energy lines to help us with this process of elimination & choice

using our breath to become more aware of fullness as well as emptiness; creating space -letting go

so we can let new things in. Getting strong arms and toned bottoms and hips. In autumn it is important

to stimulate the elimination and strengthen our intestinal tract. Include lots of pungent & spicy foods

like ginger, cinnamon, daikon, radishes, lotus root, shallots, garlic, horseradish just to name some into

your daily eating.  Come and join us for autumn yoga &reconnect to your true breath.         

Yoga Timetable - live classes 


       Monday 9.45am - 10.45am

      Tuesday 6.45pm - 7.45pm  


      Friday 9.45am - 10.45am   

and on demand please email or sms me


Remember to breathe

Love and Light


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Stefanie Allison


Stefanie is a qualified body worker with more than 25 years experience as well as a lecturer at Nature Care College and Australian College of Eastern Medicine, Sydney Campus.

Before becoming a Body worker she worked as a Scientific Officer in Pathology. She did her Ki Yoga training with Jack Marshall (Zen Renaissance Healing Centre). She integrates her expansive knowledge of body work, anatomy, energetic healing and Yoga into her treatments. This helps to harmonize your energy flow, to reduce stress and tension, ease aches and pains, to strengthen your immunity, to balance you and make you feel more alive.

She teaches Yoga classes in the Concord & Breakfast Point area.

For more information on Shiatsu, Massage, Yoga or Meditation feel free to ring Stefanie or email her.

Ki2life is registered as a business.

I am registered with all major health funds.
I am a fully accredited member of the Australian Traditional

Medicine Society (ATMS)
& Yoga Australia (Y.A.)

& Associate member of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (STAA)
I have Indemnity Insurance. 
My ABN number 74453255605.